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​​Frequently Asked Questions​:

Q: What is Prior Approval and why do I need to sign a form?
A:The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires our political action committee to obtain written approval from AWEA Members before it can solicit and accept contributions from their employees. Granting Prior Approval simply gives WindPAC permission to communicate to a certain subset of your employees (shareholders, principals, managers and other salaried, exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act) about WindPAC and the role it plays in advancing and protecting our industry’s interests in Washington. It does not obligate your company or employees to support or contribute to WindPAC.

In fact, this website is only for employees of companies who have signed a Prior Approval form which is why you were asked for credentials before accessing the site. We update the list of companies who have signed a prior  


Q: Can anyone from my company sign the Prior Approval form?
A:Prior Approval may be granted by anyone so authorized by your company. This includes the company’s chief executive, but may also include those designated to represent the firm at AWEA meetings.

Q: Do I have to sign a Prior Approval form every year? Can I withdraw approval?
A: Prior Approval maybe granted for up to five (5) consecutive years by your company and may be withdrawn for future years at any time. Only one approval form is required per member.

Q: Will WindPAC directly solicit my employees?
A: That’s up to you. By signing a Prior Approval form, you could allow WindPAC to solicit all principals and senior executives in your firm, or only certain individuals in the company. WindPAC will tailor its solicitation to whatever group or individuals you designate.

Q: Our company has its own federal PAC. Can we still contribute to WindPAC?
Yes. Even if your company has a federally registered PAC, your employees (and their spouses) may still contribute up to $5,000 each year to both WindPAC and to the company’s PAC.

Q: If our company signs a Prior Approval form, can employees contribute to other PACs?
A: Yes. When a company signs a WindPAC Prior Approval form, it does not preclude company employees from contributing to a state PAC, federal PAC, candidate PAC, corporate PAC, or an ideological PAC. The only restrictions are that a company cannot give approval to more than one trade association PAC per calendar year and company employees may not be solicited to contribute to the PAC of a trade association which has not received the company’s prior approval.

Q: Why should a company sign a Prior Approval form?
A: In practical terms, granting Prior Approval allows company employees who wish to support WindPAC the ability do to so, since WindPAC cannot solicit contributions without a signed Prior Approval form. Because WindPAC the wind industry’s most effective tool for helping to elect U.S. House and Senate members who support policies favorable to the industry, we need the support of every AWEA Member to ensure the industry’s voice is heard on Capitol Hill.